A business lunch at the Métropolitain

Dec 17, 2009

I was meeting a colleague at Milestones for a business lunch today. They only had room at the bar – not very private, not very comfortable, and not very what we felt like. So we left.

And ended up at the Métropolitain.

Yes, I know, I talked about the Métropolitain here and here. What can I say?  Milestones was too busy to accomodate us.   And it’s – 25, we were not going to walk around waiting to be inspired.  We went downstairs, hoping there would be space.  And there was.

We shared some oysters while waiting for our main course.  I picked a new addition to the Met’s menu – the Veal Milanese, which, incidentally, seemed to have replaced the Pork Milanese on the menu.  It was described as a veal cutlet, breaded and fried, served on a garlic butter toast, topped with bruschetta sauce, accompanied by mixed greens.

The salad was correct – it was mixed greens and only mixed greens, with the exception of a few red onions.

The veal was not bad, the meat very tender, as expected, although it was almost overcooked – almost.  The breading was light on Parmesan cheese, but still well seasoned.  It was crispy, with no burned parts.   Serving the veal on a half-baguette smothered in garlic bread was risky – especially considering that it was topped with their bruschetta melange.  Garlic could have been overpowering, but there was not a lot with their bruschetta, so it was ok.   If anything, the bruschetta “sauce” could have used a bit more seasonning, some fresh herbs like oregano and parsley.  And it could have been reduced into an actual sauce – to concentrate the flavors.  Still, a good dish, though a bit pricey at 20$.

Let me point out that, even though the place was busy with lots of Christmas lunch-going people, the service was efficient and courteous. Nothing like feeling appreciated as a costumer.

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