It’s Gold, baby, Gold!

I didn’t do it when the Canadian Women won the Hockey gold, but I had to do it to celebrate the double Gold when the Men won their Olympic Tournament as well.

How? Well, with the New York Fries’ Golden offer, of course.

To properly celebrate, I had to find a partner in crime, and it seemed fitting to enroll my wife into this lunch time celebration.

One woman.

One man.

Two Golden Poutines.

(…for the price of one!)

Golden Poutines

After redeeming my coupon – which took some time, the staff seemingly unaware of their HQ promotion, and/or insisting that it had expired (when the date was clearly showing) – we were able to sit down and enjoy our Golden meal.

I have to admit, contrary to my last visit, I did not feel the usual “dryness” in the fries.

What is it? Were the fries fresher? Did we get less skin on them? I don’t know. There was the usual amount of gravy and cheese, so it’s not that.

Whatever it was, it was the best NYF poutine I’ve ever heard. Perhaps that is what gold taste like…

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