2* for 22$ at Madisons’ New York Grill & Bar

Yesterday, someone left me a message.

It was carefully laid down on my keyboard.

I couldn’t avoid it.

Someone wanted me to…


And why not?

I hadn’t been to Madisons for quite some time and I hadn’t been disappointed the last time I was there.

Madisons’ New York Grill & Bar is offering once again their 2 for 22$ special menu – 7 days a week!

For a limited time, you can choose between the Baby Back Ribs, the “Classic” Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast, the Chicken Tenders, the Madisons Burgers, the Grilled Marinated Chicken Sandwich (all served with french fries, or, for 1,50$ extra, with steamed vegetables) or the Chicken Filet Cesar Salad.

The offer is valid for a minimum of two meals, but there is no maxium – meaning that if there are 3 of you, it’s 3 for 33$!

Of all the items offered, the best deal is going for the Baby Back Ribs, who normally go for 16,95$. Sweet deal!

Even sweeter when you consider that with your meal, you get your choice between the daily soup, the clam chowder, the cesar salad or the house salad.

What choice did I have but to go?

And so we did.

I unmasked my secret messenger easily and we made our way to the closest of the 13 Madisons, on Maloney boulevard in Gatineau.

We got there a little before 1 PM. The restaurant was basically empty.

Either we missed the lunch rush, or there was none. Fine by me, this will guarantee a prompt service. And a nice booth!

We looked for the special menu, we couldn’t find it. Had we been had? Was there a special clause about the special being only available for dinner? Was the Gatineau location excluded?

“We were attracted here by the ad in the newspaper. Is it not on?” I asked, puzzled.

“The promotion is so new, we haven’t received the special menu yet!”

We breathed a sigh of relief.

And since great minds think alike, we both ordered the Baby Back Ribs with French Fries.

But since Marc-André is not quite up to the Waffle’s level, he decided to go with the Clam Chowder to start. I knew that the Cream of Chicken would be a better idea.

Both soups were very rich, thick and creamy. The Cream of Chicken was a little bland, and despite the sodium level I could guess it has, I had to add some salt and some black pepper. The chicken pieces were far and few between. There was a little more vegetables to give the soup some colour.

Nothing offensive here, but nothing impressive either. Marc-André also pointed out that the clams were hard to find in his bland bowl – and the only veggie he could find were potato chunks.

Oh well, that was not why we came.

No, we came for the ribs. They had been calling on me ever since they hit my keyboard. Would they live up to the hype?

And live up, they did. These Baby Back Ribs hit the spot! Apparently, Madisons slow cook their ribs for 7 hours. They are very moist, the meat falls right off the bone – easily using fork and knife to trim the meat away from the bone. Yes, I know, the purist would say they were therefore overdone, but they still had a good chew.

The sauce was a classic sweet and spicy sauce, with a good smoky flavour. Obviously only added to finish it off, the texture was very silky, not super sticky. Not a revolution, but an honest BBQ sauce, perfect for a small serving of Baby Backs.

On the side, a very good portion of french fries. Despite being frozen, they were correct, a good crisp, some bbq spices to top them. The slaw was of the creamy kind, a little runny, fresh and crispy but nothing special flavourwise.

For 11$ a pop with sides, soup or salad to start, it is very good value. And we felt absolutely no shame exploiting the deal.

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  1. For the record, I’m actually up to the Waffle’s level.

  2. I think the Waffle decides that 🙂

  3. you’re so funny 🙂 i love you 😀

  4. Thanks! You are too kind!

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