Celebrating Saint Patrick’s at Kettleman’s

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s at Kettleman’s

After winning the Soccer 7s Men Rec division 1 championship with Sporting Yamela 7-5 against the Red Star, we went to Irene’s for a celebratory pint. Irene’s has been the watering hole for my former teamates for years. I say former teammates because Yamela had called me as an emergency replacement from my current Chelsea Panthers team to replace their injured goalie.

At the end of the night, as had been my habit in my Yamela’s days, I stopped at Kettleman’s Bagel Co. across the street to bring home a few bagels for the next morning.

Two guys were busy working the dough, getting ready for the morning’s business. A few patrons were eating bagels and chatting away, a late night snack after an evening of drinking, it sounded like.

I ordered my dozen Montreal-style, sesame seeds bagels, and then noticed something unusual in the refrigerated counter.

Amongst Kettleman’s regular offer of spreads, including Olives, Chives, Hot Peppers and more; there was a bright green spot.

Intrigued, I got closer, and discovered Irish Cream Cream Cheese.

I couldn’t resist. The colour is simply wrong and the flavour can’t possibly work with cream cheese, but I had to get me some. So I did!

The next morning, I was ready to try. So I did!

I toasted my fresh bagel, and schmeared it lightly with the green spread. As it slightly melted under the hot bagel, the cream cheese let out an aroma that was vaguely familiar.

I took a bite. Yes, vaguely familiar.

A sweet aftertaste, with hint of vanilla and coffee. Kinda like Irish Cream. But with no booze. And with cream cheese. And green.

So ya…

Perhaps only for St-Patrick’s Day!

Update February 29th, 2024 :
X user David Moscrop wants to call the cops. It is unclear if he is mad at the price or the colour.
This is a 51.14% increase over 10 years.

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