Go Rapidz!!

Is there anything better then a hot dog and a cold beer at a ballpark?Well, yes, there is.

But nevertheless, it is pretty fantastic!!!

Yesterday, I brought a bunch of friends to a game of the Can-Am league between the Ottawa Rapidz and the Atlantic City Surf at the Rapidz Stadium on Coventry Road in Ottawa.  It was the Guns N’ Hoses night – in honour of cops and firefighters, and only 1500 fans showed up – probably scared away by the afternoon shower.

The menu has quite improved since the Lynx left town for LeHigh Valley in Pennsylvania.  And the beer is cheaper, 4.50$ a glass.  The beer is even cheaper  the inning following a homerun by a Rapid – it goes half price!  In our case, oufielder Pete Pirman hit his fourth of the year in the fourth inning so we could enjoy a few cold ones for a few less dollars.  Their beer selection is not huge – your pick of Budweiser, Bud Light or Keith’s – so Keith’s it had to be.And to accompany your cold Keith’s, nothing better than a hot dog.   The Rapidz are calling their dog the Forum Dog and you can get one for 2.50$.  A juicy, classic hot dog sausage in a toasted bun, much better then a soggy steamed bun that most sports complex serve to the fans.  Now, if only they would serve them in a paper wrap as opposed to the aluminum bag, it would be perfect.

The aluminum does keep the food warm, but it makes the bun soggy if you keep it in too long.  So remove your treat from that bag asap, add two servings of mustard for one of ketchup, you can also add relish and raw onions if you feel like it, and PLAYBALL!!

Other popular items on their menu includes the Grand Slam Sausage, which is basically an all-dressed dog with a big european style sausage, the BBQ ribs on a bun, the All Star Burger and even the Whole Wheat Turkey Wrap if you somehow think that a ballpark is a place for eating healthy.

As for the game, the Rapidz lost 9 to 4, the Surf banging the Rapidz around for 18 hits.  It was the 41th loss of the year, and the Rapidz are on pace for a 25-win season, which would set a record of mediocrity, as the now-defunct Elmira Pioneers went 28-64 in 2005 to post the worst record in league history.

But we still had a lot of fun. I got an autograph from Noel Baca III (1-7 so far this year), we heckled a lot – including Cecil “Big Daddy” Fielder, whom, believe it or not, is now managing the Surf. Atlantic City is certainly an interesting choice for the former MLB slugger, considering his past gambling problems as reported by the Detroit News.

Among other highlights, I can point out to the ejection of the Rapidz manager Ed Nottle, who couldn’t believe first base umpire Yves Lamontagne blew another call at first in the top of the fourth.  And the Surf’s first base coach, Mike “Rubber Arm” Moseley, was amused enough by some of my heckles that he gave me an authentic game-used Can-Am official baseball!

Even though the Rapidz are struggling, it is still good ball and a good time for all to enjoy.

You can get tickets here.

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