Wanna grab a bite? Sure, where?

How often do we ask each other that question when it is time to go for some food? 

No matter the occasion, we often end up at our favorite locations because we can’t think of anything.

This little guide can come to the rescue.  I am a very sporadic contributor (and therefore I won’t make any money if you do buy it!!) to CheapEats Ottawa, but I find it very handy as a foodie looking for new places to indulge.

It is well organized by types of cuisine and neighbouroods, has pretty straightforward ratings and give you very direct tips about what to get wherever you are.It includes restaurants across the entire Capital Region – from Barrhaven to Wakefield, from Orleans to Kanata.

So, what is a CheapEats?

Very simple definition, in fact.  A place where you can get either:

– Breakfast for under $5
– Brunch for under $10
– Lunch for under $10
– Dinner for under $15;
INCLUDING taxes and a drink!!! (Mind you, a soft one)

And you can even get Jack Layton‘s own recommendation in it!!

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