Terry Kilrea’s food guide

May 22, 2009

Larry Kilrea at a Rural Council rallyIn the Ottawa Citizen Saturday Observer, the versatile and multitasking Glen McGregor  maps out the locations described by Terry Kilrea during his testimony at Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien‘s trial. (Kudos to Dennis Leung for the actual graphic.)

 First, let me say that out of Terry Kilrea’s guide of 12 locations, I have actually been to 11 of them.

 I am a regular at Maclaren’s and the Metropolitain, I go from time to time to The Lieutenant’s Pump, Dunn’s and the Elgin Street Diner, and I have been a couple of times to Biagio’s Italian Kitchen and Milestones.

 But I have never been to the Ottawa Courthouse – since I have never been charged with:

 “having or pretending to have influence with the Government of Canada, or with a Minister of the Government, directly or indirectly, offer, or agree, to accept for himself a reward, benefit or advantage of any kind, to wit: the withdrawal of Terry Kilrea from the 2006 Ottawa Mayoral race, as consideration for his co-operation, assistance or exercise of influence in connection with the appointment of Terry Kilrea to an office with the National Parole Board of Canada, contrary to section 121 (1) (d) of the Criminal Code of Canada. And further that at the said places and times, Larry O’Brien did solicit, recommend or negotiate with respect to an appointment to an office, to wit: an appointment for Terry Kilrea to the National Parole Board of Canada, in the expectation of a direct or indirect reward, advantage or benefit, to wit the withdrawal of Terry Kilrea from the 2006 Ottawa Mayoral race, contrary to section 125 (b) of the Criminal Code of Canada.”

 You can follow the next episodes of the trial by following McGregor’s Twitter.


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