When beer is priceless

May 24, 2009

On our way to Shauna’s graduation party – she is moving to Halifax to save lives – we had to stop for beer.  Since we stayed at the Hotel des Gouverneurs on Ste-Catherine, we dropped by the IGA at Place Dupuis to get some.

Beers are important when you go to a party.  Shauna is portuguese, and therefore we knew we didn’t need to bring food (on the menu:  4 types of salad, cured meats, pork chops, chicken breasts, bunch of snacks – and 7 fully loaded desserts, and yes, I did try them all.) 

But beers were needed.  I was quite pleased at the selection available at the IGA Place Dupuis – almost as pleased as Melissa was with the post-modern plastic shopping cart.  

I hesitated a bit – and ended up selecting a 6-pack of Red from Les Trois Mousquetaires, as I have never tried it.  In fact, I have never had any products from Les Trois Mousquetaires.

Melissa, however (and thankfully), noticed that IGA was selling a 24 of Heineken for 25.99$ this week.  Great price for a great brew, so we also picked up one case to bring home.  

We arrived at the cash, the 24 scanned properly, but the 6-pack not so much.  It wouldn’t scan.  Our cashier tried to enter it manually, to no avail. She called a helper to her rescue, hoping he would track down the price.  We waited, we waited, and after waiting 10 minutes, while the queue expand quite a bit behind us – and we had to avoid evil glares from other people even though it was no fault of our own  – the helper came back – no price.  He went to find a manager, and a few minutes later, he came to talk to us:  ”Sorry guys, but we don’t have a price for this, so we can’t sell it to you.”

Now, that’s “entrepreneurship”.

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