Fish and Cheap

As we were getting closer to Hfx09, I was sent on a pre-convention tour on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

The obligatory first stop was at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. I was a little annoyed because even though my Air Canada flight had landed 5 minutes ahead of schedule, we sat on the tarmac for 45 minutes as we waited for a free gate and a free ground crew. Still, I had a few hours before the boss landed, and so I decided that lunch was the next obligatory stop since it was past noon and Air Canada no longer feeds people on their flights.

Choice is limited at the Halifax Airport, so I settled for the Maritime Ale House. Operated by HMS Host, the MAH is an ode to the Molson Brewery. Available beers on tap are all Molson products.

The place was busy but not packed. I settled for a seat at the bar, a prime location to see the staff in action and watch some tennis.

I peered quickly at the menu, and decided quickly – I picked the Fish & Chips. What else for a first meal in Nova Scotia?

Two big pieces of haddock soon arrived. The batter was crisp, was holding together nicely, and it was not too greasy. The fish was not overcooked, still flaky, not dry but not dripping with oil either. The tartar sauce that came with it was not up to the task however – too creamy, bland, boring.

The chips were also a disappointment. Frozen-type, they were not very crispy and not very warm. They were edible – but frankly, the fish deserved a much better partner.

With a pint of Rickard’s Red, this meal costed me $22, including taxes but before tip.

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