Mussels at Sea

Aug 10, 2009

PhotobucketWe boarded the Sea Mist II as the sun was starting to go down on Chester‘s Harbour.

This was after some mainstreeting near the docks, talking to local folks about the issues they care about.

NDP Leader Jack Layton along with NDP MLA Denise Peterson-Rafuse were joining a group of local supporters for a tour of the harbour and maybe some mackerel fishing.

Apparently mackerel is a big thing in Chester.

A big thing.

PhotobucketSo we set off, touring the harbour and admiring the scenery.

Notably, Heisler’s Marina, constructed in 1924, the Swinehamer House, circa 1800, the Old Baptist Burial Grounds, with its oldest stone dated 1761.

There Champlain Robertson House, overlooking the Back Harbour, was once owned by a descendant of Chief Powhaten, father of Pocahontas.

Everything was quite striking, but we finally set out for the sea.

The weather was perfect.  We were enjoying the breeze and the sun.  Some were trying to catch some mackerel.

And then they got the snack ready – fresh mussels, steamed with water, salt, onions and some fresh herbs.

I love mussels. They are a great source of protein and omega-3; an excellent source of selenium and vitamin B12 and a good source of zinc and folate.

There was someting quite neat about eating them as the sun was going down on the water. The salty smell of the sea was enhancing the eating experience, I ate them slowly, as the sun was slowly but surely falling in the horizon.


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