Wild Wing Top 25

Jan 1, 2000

  1. Medium – Also known as American.
    There is nothing like a classic flavor – there mix of hot sauce just does it for me.

  2. Dirty Bird – Creole Mustard & Lime Ricky Sauce
    The creole mustard goes very well with the lime-flavoured spicy sauce.  And it does look like the bird just pooped.

    Spaghetti Western

  3. Spaghetti Western – Medium with Parmesan and Italian herbs
    This actually tastes like spagehetti!  The parmesan is a nice touch, and the herbs gives a great and fresh finish.
  4. Flew the Coop – A mix of their Lime Ricky Sauce and Diana’s original BBQ.
    This one has a nice kick to it – a traditional BBQ flavour with a nice tangy kick from the lime sauce.
  5. Daisy Duke – BBQ, Medium and Taco flavour
    This one is surprisngly good – the taco flavour gives a new twist on a classic taste without being overpowering.

    Island Girl

  6. Dirty Cowboy – Spicy Mustard and Teriyaki
    I wasn’t sure when I ordered them, but the teriyaki flavour was a great mix with the spicy mustard, making this wing a flavourful one with nice heat.
  7. Island Girl – Spicy Mustard and Jerk
    A nice combination – it smells stronger then it taste, as often is the case when jerk is involved.
  8. Bubba’s Backfire – BBQ & Frank’s Extra Hot
    Great kick, nice BBQ undertone.  10 is plenty, though.
  9. Farmer’s Daughter – BBQ, Medium and Wild Jerk.
    The jerk doesn’t make its presence felt too strongly.  It is kind of subdued and it works nicely.

  10. Catch Me If You Can – Maple and Frank’s Extra Red Hot.
    The maple and hot sauce mix works well, nice change from honey garlic.

  11. The Hot Dill – Spicy Mustard and Come Get Some
    I’ve got to admit I was pleasantly surprised.  The dill worked very well with the mustard.
  12. I am Canadian – Mild and Maple
    This was similar to Catch Me If You Can, but not as hot.  It did work well too, and is one of the most popular wing at Wild Wing.

  13. Caribbean Jerk – Jerk
    If you are looking for a tasty and classic jerk flavor, this one is for you. It really works well, and the fact that it is saucy will make this one more palatable for some.

  14. Red Hot & Blue – Renee’s Blue Cheese and Hot
    Where Blue by Barbie fails, Red Hot & Blue does it.
  15. Dusty Muckaroo – Honey Garlic and Frank’s Extra Red Hot.
    The balance is not quite right as the honey seemed overpowering.
  16. Hog Thaï – Spicy Mustard and Thai flavour
    Original, but doesn’t quite fly as a combination.
  17. Buckin’ Bronco – Medium and Lemon pepper
    This one could have been a little less saucy to do it.

    Some Beach

  18. Some Beach – Medium with Renée’s Caeser, Parmesan, Buttermilk Dill
    A strange combination.  Not something I enjoyed.  Garlic amateurs will like it.
  19. Blue by Barbie – BBQ with Blue cheese
    I suppose this is some kind of attempt to recreate the classic, but the blue cheese didn’t go at all with the heatless BBQ.
  20. Sweet Cheeks – Spicy Mustard and Honey Garlic
    I do like most of the spicy mustard combinations, but the honey garlic was killing any heat.
  21. Jamaican Me Crazy – Jerk and Pineapple Curry
    The jerk was as good and as strong as it should, but you could only taste traces of curry and certainly no pineapple.
  22. Awesome Honey – Honey Garlic and Honey Mustard
    This was very, very sweet.  If you like it sweet, this one’s for you.
  23. Hot Honey – Honey Garlic and Hot
    Honey, there was nothing hot about this.  A total bust.
  24. Thaï – Also known as Pad Thaï Nothing Thaï or even remotely asian-like about this wing.  It didn’t taste bad, but sweet with no sour, no hot pepers coming through, no peanut or curry aroma.
  25. Sour Cream and OnionSour Cream and Onion
    An interesting concept but disapointing result as this “chippy” flavor was too weak to actually do anything.  Almost tasted like plain fried chicken..

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