I Dair-y you

Aug 10, 2008

Is there anything like a nice cold treat during a hot summer day?

After a long road trip back from Marmora, Melissa forced me to stop at the Dairy Queen in Carleton Place.  I hadn’t been to
Dairy Queen in a few years.  It seems that as I grow older, my sweet tooth is abandonning me. 

At any rate, I obliged and decided to plunge for an interesting treat if I was to indulge. 

Hot Fudge SundaeMelissa decided to go for a classic DQ Sundae.
Topped with hot fudge.

But I figured that The Waffle couldn’t do otherwise but order a Fudge Brownie Temptation Waffle Bowl Sundae.

That’s right. 

A delicious combination of vanilla soft ice cream serve nestled in a freshly baked chocolate-enrobed waffle bowl covered with brownie bits and topped with hot fudge.

Well, so they say.   The vanilla soft serve is not bad, but I found it a tad bit too hard.  The mix is probably simply too cold, either because of the machine setting or because of the blasting AC in the restaurant.  At any rate, its not ice cream. It is actually milkfat and nonfat milk, sugar, corn syrup, whey, mono and diglycerides, artificial flavor, guar gum, polysorbate 80, carrageenan, and vitamin A palmitate.  All mixed together for our pleasure.
Fudge Brownie Temptation Waffle Bowl Sundae
The freshly baked chocolate-enrobed waffle bowl didn’t taste that fresh.  Maybe it was baked in the morning.  Maybe it was baked two days earlier.  It was a little thick, not as crispy as I was hoping – almost chewy in fact.  And it certainly wasn’t of a nice golden colour you would expect from a waffle bowl.  The chocolate dip was fairly generous but it seemed to me that there was someting missing in the waffle-chocolate combination.  The balance wasn’t there, the flavours weren’t quite what they should have been. 

The brownie bits were surprinsinlgy fresh, and they had been generous in sprinkling my sundae with them.  The highlight of this treat, for sure.  There could have been more hot fudge, though, and the fudge could have been hotter.  Basically, they fudged on the hot fudge.

And the nice little fluffy whipped cream balls you see in the ad?  Not in that waffle bowl, that’s for sure.

On the other side of the table, Melissa didn’t complain about her own treat, and left none for me.

Good thing too, as my monster added 900 calories to my day intake.  Not so good.  Well, actually,  I didn’t finished the waffle bowl.  It was just a little too off  for me to actually enjoy all of it.

And I couldn’t help to wonder what would happen to the sale of the
Fudge Brownie Temptation Waffle Bowl Sundae
if they were using my sundae in their ad….

Which one do you want? Which one will you get?

What do you think?

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