E – Day!!! – Let’s celebrate at Bistro 990

Oct 14, 2008

So folks, this is it.
We will find out tonight what Canadians have decided.  Let’s hope for the best.

This also completes my day-by-day description of what I ate during the campaign.

Because today is a special day, with nothing much more for me to do to influence the outcome, I decided to go for a special treat.  And luckily, we were staying at the Sutton Place, an old-style hotel which I find quite charming.  But the real luck is that it is in front of my favourite french bistro in Toronto, the Bistro 990.

So that is where I went for lunch and I went solo, to finally escape from the media horde, the politicos and other campaign-related people.

The Bistro 990 has a lovely dining room, with vaulted ceiling and a warm atmosphere.

The service is always very good (although despite having a menu in french, the staff doesn’t always know a lot of Moliere’s language), and the food is fantastic. Apparently, it is a good spot for celebrity sightings, but I never actually noticed anyone famous while I was there.  A good thing.

The 990′s menu is quite diversified – typical bistro fare, although upscale.  No croque-monsieur here. You can find foie gras, a few fishies, some pasta and salads, and of course, the meat specialties.

The steak tartare here is fantastic.  Even though they will offer you to prepare it yourself, let them handle it.
Today, I went for a classic:  le steak frites.  A nice, cooked to perfection juicy Black Angus striploin, accompanied with a Roquefort sauce.  With frites, lots of nice thin allumettes, golden and crispy, served with a nice home made mayo.  Highly recommend it.
Of course, the place is not cheap. But it is on Bay Street after all.  But it is not over-the-top, for instance my steak frites price tag being $24.00.  Worth it, I think.

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