A pizza in a Cage

Just back from my sports road trip, I thought I needed a little more sports. And I really didn’t feel like cooking after such a long drive.  So we settled for La Cage aux Sports in Hull.

La Cage aux Sports was founded in 1984. Regrouping 48 restaurants throughout Québec, La Cage is now well established in the Quebec Sports/Food scene.  Although the newer Cage seem to all be built on the same model, each Cage has a unique interior and all of them have an atmosphere focused on sports.

I don’t mind the Cage in Hull.  The bar in the middle is quite big, with lots of TV screens all around. There are plenty of booths available in the restaurant area, lots of TVs too but sometimes they are hard to see.  It can get very packed in there for big games, especially when the Habs or the Sens are playing.  It is a little more quiet for other sports, usually.

Tonight, they were showing on their main system the Habs playing the Hurricanes.  Go Canes go, I said.

La Cage’s menu is quite diverse.  Their wings are famous (Buffalo or 9-1-1, they are small but tasty – and they are only $0.49 each on Thursdays afer 4pm), but you can also get chicken, ribs, steaks, sandwiches and hamburgers.

But today, we took advantage of their “Tuesday Stars”. Starting at 11 am, all pizzas are $9.99, and so are pitchers of Molson Export.  So pizza it is.

I picked the Grilled Chicken Pizza.  It is basically a breast (half a breast?) cut in strips, deployed on the pie, with red pepper strips in between each piece of bird.  That’s it.  The pizza is of a nice size, for a personnal portion.  Not too big, yet filling.  The crust is well done, quite thick but light at the same time.  The sauce is a tad sweet for my taste – but I suppose it is hard to go too spicy with chicken and red peppers.

Mel went for the classic all-dressed.  Pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers AND red peppers too.  Nice touch. Again, a nice pizza. Probably better balanced than the one I had, the sauce working well the toppings.  The mushrooms were nicely dried out, not squishy at all, and it is very pleasant to look at.

We left with a $40 bill.  They gave me an extra $3 off because I showed my CAA card.  Thank you, CAA!

Even better, the Hurricanes won!!

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