He Shoots, He Scores!

Dec 19, 2008

I was off today, and decided to pick Melissa up for lunch.  She had an errand to run at the SAAQ – a Quebec driver’s licence, no less – just by picking that up she improves her driving about 40% over an Ontarian licence holder – and I thought lunch would be a nice reward for becoming a good driver.

I enticed her into going to Scores in the Mont-Bleu area of the Hull sector in Gatineau.  It would be a change from St-Hubert, a definite Melissa favorite. Scores is a Montreal-based chain of restaurants, established in 1995, which has 38 locations in Quebec and 3 more in Ontario, with plans to open new locations in Ottawa and Oakville. It was bought in 2005 by PDM Royalties Income Fund, who also owns Pizza Delight, Mikes and Bâton Rouge.  (You can find my latest post on Bâton Rouge here!)

Their menu obviously focuses on chicken, but they are also pushing their ribs as their specialty. And today, they certainly are pushing their ribs, with a winter promotion of a full rack of BBQ Baby Back Ribs platter for $9.99!! I had no choice but to go for that, since it was bascially 50% off their regular price, and it also included the all-you-can-eat soup and salad bar – oh, and fruit!!

They use different deep fryers for their fries and other products, which makes for clean fries, of a good quality.  The classic burger bun is ok, and the bbq sauce is also decent; a bit liquid but not as salty as other rotisserie sauce. The ribs were very tender.  Nicely done with a nice sweet bbq sauce, which was, however, spread unevenly on the rack. Melissa went for the classic chicken breast.  The chicken was nice and juicy, a good quality bird.  The skin could have been crispier, but we’re not supposed to eat it anyway, are we? Melissa complained that the sauce didn’t attach itself to the things you would dip it in, which in my opinion is not that bad of a sign.

I also have to mention the salad bar, which was included with our meal.  It is fresh, lots of variety, with two choices of soup (today, chicken noodle and a tomato cream were offered) and plenty of fresh fruit if you are looking to skip the dessert for a healthy way to end your meal. All of that cost us under $30, taxes and tips included.  

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