Pork BBQ? BBQ? BBQ???

May 6, 2009

As promised, I supported Canada’s pork industry today in the East Block Courtyard.
I showed up early in order to scout the location and chat with the reporters who were on site to cover the event – CBC had a live truck, RDI was also doing live hits; TVA, CTV, OMNI, CP, Maclean’s and the Hill Times were also on the spot.
It seemed a bit disorganized at first – I showed up at 11:30 sharp, and they didn’t seem to be ready.   They were moving stuff around, setting up a sound system.  Worse, the BBQs weren’t blazing!
Two long tables were set up with non-pork items – cookies, brownies, vegetables, cheese.  No sign of pork.  I started to get a little worried – did they forget to bring some hog along?
A few minutes of waiting around and talking to politicos and media-types, and finally they brought the buns and trays of  steaming pulled pork.
I was disappointed – I was expecting something with more bang – like sausages, pork chop sandwiches, or some bacon explosion, but the Canadian Pork Council wanted to stay classy and low key.
But I was here for the right reason – supporting our pork producers.
So I lined up, ignored the cameras zooming in and got myself a pulled pork sandwich.
This pulled pork was “Au Naturel” – no BBQ sauce, no sloppiness.  Just pulled pork, in its own juice.  Big chunks too, which made it hard to fill the bun properly.  No worries, I added some cheese to stabilize it all.  The pork was quite tender, but I would have liked some sauce with it. I mean, here we has a BBQ with no barbecueing and no BBQ sauce.  Was it really a BBQ, or was I had?
Nevertheless, my sandwich was pretty good, and as the Agriculture Minister was using the event as a photo-op, and Iggy was jumping the queue, others started to get worried they wouldn’t get any.

After lunch, guests were certainly not happy to learn about the WHO latest warning about pork, despite the reassurance of the government.  Meanwhile, China is wondering why the infected herd hasn’t been killed yet.  After all, Egypt is moving forward.


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