Viva In Vivo!

Aug 4, 2009

Tonight was the NDP nomination meeting in Hochelaga, for the possible upcoming by-election following the announced resignation of long time Bloc MP Réal Ménard, who has decided to jump to the Municipal scene with Vision Montréal.

Layton and Rocheleau at le Bistro In Vivo

Jean-Claude Rocheleau was acclaimed by the riding association.  President of Canada’s United Oil Workers from CEP local 121, Rocheleau is a very strong candidate for the NDP.  He ran a vigorous campaign last time around and firmly established the NDP as a viable option. In fact, the NDP has tripled its vote in the riding since Jack Layton became leader.   A fierce defender of his fellow workers and a strong proponent of energy security, Rocheleau recently took the lead in the fight to stop Shell from closing its refinery in the East-end of Montreal.

Jack Layton gave a passionate speech about the state of the economy, a speech appreciated by the troops, and which I am sure will generate some media attention. (UPDATE 2009-08-04 08:37:50 – It did.)The unsung hero of the evening, however, is the location.  The nomination meeting was held at a little co-op, le Bistro In Vivo.

Located at the heart of Hochelaga, In Vivo is a culturally-oriented bar, with a strong commitment to eco-friendly practices and uses fair trade and local products.  Their food menu changes every day, and focuses on sandwiches of all kinds, pasta and pizza.  The ingredients are selected mostly from the local markets, and are always fresh.

Their beer selection is fantastic.  Tonight, they were offering 34 differents beers from Quebec microbreweries. Their drinks menu has many options: a small fair traded wine list, an impressive cocktail list (beer cocktails, traditional concoction or in-house drinks), fair traded coffees – spiked or not, ciders and hydromels.  They have daily “Heures Joyeuses” specials from 4 to 7, which you can see on the picture above.

In Vivo is the kind of place you would expect to find on the Plateau, in the Quartier Latin or in Old Montreal.  But no, you can avoid downtown and the overcrowded places by going to Hochelaga, get a similar vibe with a much friendlier staff. The great thing about it, you are still on Ste-Catherine.  East.  Very Far East.  But still on it.


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