Scandals at Subway

Oct 14, 2009

I just came back from the Subway on Sparks Street where I grabbed lunch.

As usual when I go to Subway, I picked one of their classics for $5.00.
This time, I went for a Cold Cut Combo, and I made it a Meal Deal for an extra $2.60.
I usually go for a bag of chips, as opposed to the cookie, and I grab a bottle of pop.

But as I was in the process of doing so, I was informed that it was now $0.20 extra to grab a bottle instead of the glass.

A 13% cash grab!  Shame!

How could they?  Aren’t they aware there is an economic crisis?

They have 31845 restaurants in 91 Countries, 2459 of them in Canada!  They are doing well. I refused to pay the extra money and went with a fountain Coca-Cola.

But my problems did not stop there.

My sandwich was pretty good, as usual.  As I said, it was a Cold Cut Combo on the Monterey Cheddar Footlong, with shredded blended cheese, extra pickles and all the veggies except the red onions and the cucumbers.  In addition, I had some mustard and hot sauce.

To complete my Trio, I picked a bag of chips, and this time my eye caught the flashy packaging of Doritos‘ Collisions, the Habaneros/Guacamole combo.

Now the sandwich looks pretty good. And it was, no complaints there.

But let’s have a closer look at the content of the bag of chips.

Are they kidding me?  That is not two flavours.  It is a flavour and a third as far as I am concerned.  Now, I did not weigh everything, but clearly I got had.  This bag was not balanced.  Either this was a defective bag, or the Habaneros flavour is quite disliked and they are trying to force it down consumers’ throats.

Either way, this is not the end of it.  I’ve contacted the headquarters, asking for an explanation.  The Waffle will not let this die.

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