Scandals at Subway, part II: Frito-Lay fights back

Oct 16, 2009

So following the Waffle’s last exposé, Frito-Lay wrote back to answer my query about the lack of Guacamole-flavoured corn chips in my bag of Doritos Collisions.  For the record, I did attach the photographic evidence.

Although “Linda” offered no satisfactory explanation about the unbalance of the bag, she clearly had the mandate from Frito-Lay to make sure they retain my customership.

And The Waffle, being a sucker for free food, will remain a customer.  For the time being.

Note:  You will notice the emphasis put in the auto-sig on quality ingredients.  Which is, of course, irrelevant if the product advertised is not actually delivered.



Thank you for writing. I’m sorry you had a negative experience with Doritos Collisions and apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this caused. I’m sending a coupon to you which should arrive in about a week.

Quality is a top priority at Frito-Lay. Thanks to the information you provided, we are better able to investigate and take any actions necessary to prevent a recurrence. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.

Should you have further questions or comments, please click on this link to send a reply.

Best regards,

Frito-Lay Consumer Affairs

Many of our products are made with simple ingredients: sliced potatoes or corn, healthier oils – such as sunflower or corn oil, and salt and then simply prepared.

UPDATE – Oct. 26 @ 23:52

I finally got my coupon from Frito-Lay Canada.  ”Linda” offers no better explanation, in fact, she offers none at all. But she did enclose a coupon for a 1.50$ off any Frito-Lay product.

On the coupon, I learned that Frito Lay Canada is offering us over 100 different products.

Everybody knows that they own Lay’s (16 flavours) Lay’s Stax (7 flavours) ,  Doritos (16 flavours), Ruffles (11 flavours) and Tostitos (13 types + 3 salsa types and Con Queso Dip).  Nobody is surprised to find out they they sell Fritos (4 flavours), Sun Chips (3 flavours), Cheetos (8 products) and Munchies (3 flavours).  Lesser known is the fact that they also own Rold Gold (4 types), Miss Vickie’s (16 flavours), SmartFood (the awful popcorn thingy) and Cracker Jack (classic).  Also, Rustler’s, whatever that is, Hickory Sticks, Santitas, Baken-Ets, Handles, Grandma’s Cookies, Munchos, and also Hostess and its 5 remaining flavours.

Now, I need to choose.


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