Oct 23, 2009

As per the tradition, we had to stop Chez Ashton for our usual fix of cheesy-gravy-goodness on our Quebec City trip.

This time, we stopped on the way in, at the St-Nicolas location, just before the bridges.

It was surprisingly busy, even though it was past lunch time. The staff was struggling to keep up, and the poutine was lining up on the counter, along with Expo burgers, Rostbif platters and other delicacies offered by Ashton.

Mel went for her favorite – a bébé poutine, sauce piquante.

I decided I would go with something different this time, another classic but not as well know outside Quebec borders, and, in fact, outside of Eastern Quebec.

La Galvaude!

Ashtons Galvaude

Ashton’s Galvaude is the classic recipe, which was invented in Gaspesie, according to Charles-Alexandre Théorêt.
Here, the french fries and the gravy are the same as in a classic poutine. But the cheese curds are replaced by chicken pieces and green peas. Some do add cheese curds, but really, it is not supposed to come with cheese.  And do not make the mistake of calling this a poutine galvaude.  It’s a galvaude, period.

Think of a hot chicken sandwhich without bread.

Ashton’s regular galvaude goes for $8.00.  Since they do not serve any other chicken dishes,  it won’t surprise you if I say the chicken is not fresh of f the bone.  Nevertheless, it was good enough, although a bit pricey.

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