Talking of McDonald’s (III)

Nov 21, 2009

After spending the night competing at the World Trivia Night – where our team, the Riverside Pub, had a respectable finish but was mostly proud of having raised the most money for the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa – and spent the remainder of the night celebrating our success (and I am not talking about our ranking).

As the hectic flow of bar-goers was pouring out on Elgin street, I decided to walk away from it all in order to collect my thoughts, and, as always, I had many of them.

I passed the Golden Arches located on Elgin, I hesitated, then I walked away.
But the damage was done.

I kept walking, but a thought started creeping in my head – I was going to lose my free small fries!  The deadline to claim my winnings was November 23rd.  I could not wait any longer.  And, the wife was not around to stop me!

I kept walking.  I had to redeem my prize.  And I ended up at the Bank and Sparks location, which was not as busy as the one on Elgin.  Good, I thought.  I probably should go in.

Even better – the hockey cards are back!

I had no choice now.

A free small fries.
Hockey cards.

I entered.
I redeemed my fries.
I got 5 packs of cards.
And, for good measure, I added a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

At 3 am, it sounded like a great idea.
A classic.

Hey, don’t blame me.
I did it for the children.

The Qaarter Pounder McDo burger, for sure. And this one was particularly good. Maybe it was the hour of the day – the staff was not rushed, and this was quite enjoyable.

PS:  I am looking for a GM willing to trade.  On the table: Marc Savard, Shea Weber and Daniel Alfredsson .
I am not happy about them showing up twice in my packs.  Serious offers only.

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