In your face, Double Down

Marc-André and Jesse both flagged a potential new challenger to KFC’s Double Down sandwich.

Angry French Canadian SandwichThe Angry French Canadian Sandwich.

Four Montrealers launched Epic Meal Time and created this gigantic sandwich, because, it seems, anyone can make things up and pretend it’s food.

This ludicrous thing combines 9 slices of bacon, 3 steamed hot dogs, 1 large poutine – (apparently they got it from La Belle Province) , 12 eggs, and a can of maple syrup on a 20 inch French baguette.

Apparently, it amounts to 5,343 calories.

Bacon, Poutine and French toast? Really?

No wonder the French Canadian is angry.
No one should desecrate these classics in order to create Frankeinstein.

Thankfully, it’s not actually sold anywhere.
You can watch how it’s made here.

UPDATE Nov 9, 2010 @ 19:45 Epic Meal Time just released their upgraded version of the Double Down.

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