Bagel shortage!

Every Sunday, I play soccer with the Sporting Yamela of the Soccer 7s Borsodi Liga. We play at Landsdowne, and usually end up at Irene’s afterwards to review the game that was.

Once re-hydrated and satisfied with the post game analysis, I head home – with a quick stop at Kettleman’s Bagel Co. to get our weekly supply of the fresh, wood oven-baked Montreal-style delicacy, in my opinion the best in the National Capital Region. Dense, a hint of sweetness, not salty, freshly made many times a day. Just good, simple, traditional.

They were voted the best Bagels in town 8 years in a row by readers of the Ottawa Xpress – though Bagel is no longer a category in the Best of Ottawa survey of the Xpress, since 2006 it has simply been rolled in with the Best Bakery category (A category last won by Kettleman’s in 2007).

The place always boasts that it is open 365 days – “We never close!” their sign used to say. Alas, no longer. The sign now says it’ll close on November 7th, at 1 PM! Renovations, apparently, are needed.

I entered the store, and everything seemed to be business as usual.

The Bagel Roller was busy hand rolling. The Bagel Baker was busy baking a batch of their most popular bagel, the Sesame – a classic.

The selection of spreads were plentiful, as always. Cream Cheese, Lox, Hot Peppers, Olive, etc…

But as I ordered my dozen of fresh, and still warm, baked bagels ($7.50) with a small container of Dill Cream Cheese, I had to investigate further.

The Waffle can confirm that it is true, that the Bank Street location will be closed for at least a month for renovations, but that it will reopen before winter fully sets in.

Bagel lovers will have to rely on the Carling or the Orléans location to get their fix. Which is quite unfortunate for me, as I seldom go to Orléans and the Carling location is also a bit out of the way. But I may end up there anyway in case the Mrs. Waffle’s withdrawl is too hard to manage…

UPDATE Dec. 18 2011 @ 21.09

They are open again!

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  1. Sadness. Though the location really could use a bit of a clean up…

  2. This is very unfortunate. It means I’ll have to go to Montreal more often to pick up my weekly dose of bagels at St-Viateur or Fairmount bagel shop. As the Waffle puts it, Orléans and the Carling location is a bit out of the way.

  3. Time for The Waffle to get a bagel oven 🙂

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