KFC’s Festivus for the rest of us!

As previously discussed, KFC is offering a sweet deal for Christmas. Merry, Merry!

Because nothing says “Happy Holidays” like Free Fried Chicken.

So when you purchase a Festive Meal For one…
You get a free sandwich voucher!!!

If you want more free chicken, you can instead purchase any Family Feast (Your choice of 8, 12, 15, or 20-piece Original Recipe Chicken, with fries, gravy, two more sides, and a 2L Pepsi. ) and you’ll get a $10 Gift Voucher to use on your next family feast!

I had to take advantage of Colonel Santa’s offer, so I made my way to the St-Joseph location in Hull. But since I was alone, and since I didn’t need a Family Feast on my own, I had to go for the Festive Meal for One. Merry, Merry!

There were a few other customers in the restaurant, but I didn’t need to wait before ordering my Festive Meal for $9.29. That is not exactly a bargain on its own.

The Festive Meal includes 3 pieces of Original Fried Chicken – I got a drumstick, a thigh and a rib. A small bag was overflowing with french fries, perhaps double the actual capacity. A small container of gravy and a small coleslaw completed the box.

On the side, a cold Pepsi and of course, the bonus 45g Kit Kat, the classic chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar created by Rowntree’s in England in the 30s. But since I didn’t need to have a break, I set the Kit Kat aside for later and attacked my Festive Meal.

First, the chicken. The original recipe is still finger-lickin’ good, the breading is not too thick, the salt level is quite high, and there is a hint of garlic in there. In fact, the original recipe ingredients list goes like this: wheat flour, salt, modified cornstarch (sulphite), spice, monosodium glutamate, glucose solids, garlic powder. Of course, spice could mean a lot of things, as it probably includes most of the 11 secret herbs and spices KFC is famous for hiding from us, poor mortals. After having been breaded, the chicken is pressure fried in Canola oil and some anti-foaming agent.

The amount of meat you get is always disappointing, though. Their pieces usually are quite small, and sometimes you get a piece of thigh or rib that is mostly bones and breading. Even the keel, which is their white meat piece, is usually small. But since the breading is what makes you comeback, perhaps having less protein and more salt is the ultimate winning combination?

The classic bright green coleslaw was my pick today. 130 grams of green goodness. It truly is a great slaw, always zesty and creamy, dare I say refreshing? It certainly is green to clean the palate between chicken bites and french fries. The cabbage in this coleslaw is grated very finely, which makes it creamy while keeping it crunchy. The dressing has a nice balance of sweet and sour, giving it a simple yet bold flavour – and colour. This guy on Yahoo simply loves KFC’s coleslaw.

The fries were nothing special, but nothing offensive either. They are crunchy, though, which is a plus – nothing worse than mushy, flobby french fries.

KFC’s gravy is boring, dare I say bland? Yeah, it’s a bland, wheat base gravy. Even though it’s packed with sodium, there is not a lot of flavour here. That said, you are guaranteed not to have it overpower the chicken – rather, consider it a vehicle for textural change.

Be prepared to gulp a lot of liquid – free refills here are a welcome feature – just to remain properly hydrated in Sodium Land.

I left with my Kit Kat and my Sandwich voucher.
The voucher is valid between December 30th, 2012 and January 13, 2013.

Merry, Merry!

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