Sometimes, St-Hubert is what you need

Sometimes, things are not going your way.

When that happens, comfort food is the way to go.

Today, things weren’t going my way. So when Karine suggested that it was a day for St-Hubert BBQ, I didn’t protest much.

So we made our way to the rotisserie in Hull. The place was packed, as it often is for lunch hour – the parking was full, and the street parking spots were all taken – we had to park 3 blocks away.

But the restaurant is spacious, and they sat us down in a booth in no time.

Their Lunch & Go formula, available from Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m is very popular, hence the packed parking lot, and most of the items are served in no time. You can choose from Chicken Fillet, Ribs, Chicken Pot Pie, Hot Chicken, Half Chicken Salad Sandwich and Soup, Chicken Fillet Wrap, Lemon & Artichokes Chicken Salad, Asian Soup Meal. But really, you go to St-Hubert for the Roasted Chicken.

We both got the Quarter Chicken Leg with Fries. With the meal, you get All-you-can-eat coleslaw, buns and Bar-B-Q sauce.

Quarter Chicken

As expected, our meals arrived in no time.

The fries were nicely golden and crispy, the sauce deliciously salty, and the chicken was perfectly cooked, moist inside with a deliciously crispy skin.

It was exactly what we needed.

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  1. Laura Colella

    You cannot go wrong with St-Hubert. Amy Boughner and I were recently complaining about the lack of St-Hubert out here.

  2. Amy Boughner

    Oh how I miss that sauce

  3. I kinda like Swiss Chalet at xmas with the festive meal deal – they give away lindt chocolate with the meal!

  4. Laura Colella

    You mean the gravy that comes with the chicken?

  5. Amy Boughner

    The dipping sauce that comes with everything. Is it gravy?

  6. Laura Colella

    Ya, gravy. Its sold at farm boy, btw.

  7. Amy Boughner

    It’s just not the same

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