A pound of pulled pork

Another day, another Ribtoberfest opportunity! Today, the plan was to bring some food home for my family to enjoy. I made my way down Sparks Street until I ended up in front of Blazin’ BBQ‘s stall.

Hailing from Chatham, Blazin’ BBQ debuted in 2002 as S.A.R.S. STOCK, one of the largest benefit concerts ever held. In 2009, they started production of sauces and they opened their Ribhouse restaurant in 2010.

Blazin’s BBQ offers a lot of options on its menu: Pork Ribs, Beef Ribs, Riblets, Chicken, Pulled Pork, Turkey.

But I figured I would keep it simple and ordered a pound of Pulled Pork for $12.

The weather wasn’t great so there was no line-up, I got my food right away. I filled my container with extra BBQ sauce – their “Original” sauce and their “Nitro” sauce.

 photo IMG_00000935_zps83f23499.jpg

This was a heavy container. I put it down carefully on the passenger seat. The car would smell great for a few days, I thought. I made my way home, making sure to have no spillage during the journey. I brought it inside. Gosh, that’s a heavy pound, I thought. Either that, or I’m weak.

I decided to investigate – so I carefully took the pork out of the container, and weighted it. 2.43 pounds of meaty goodness! Thank you, Blazin’ BBQ!

I made sandwiches with English muffins, using the extra sauce to add a final touch. We shared the delicacy. There was a good mix of stringy pulled pork, with bigger, chunky bits all over. The meat was very tender, had a light smoky undertone. The Original BBQ sauce was good, but the Nitro was excellent. A small kick, but building heat as you kept eating – nothing overpowering, just in the right way.

I was really glad I picked Blazin’ BBQ for this home meal!

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