Centrepointe Deli Delivered

I had to get to a location in Nepean for a video shoot around 1 PM. I decided to head out early, the 417 being the mess that it is, and to grab lunch nearby.

I settled for the Centrepointe Café & Deli, conveniently located in a small mall on Centrepointe Drive.

The Centrepointe Deli’s specialty is pita wraps. Their moto is “why have fast food when you can have good food fast?”

A good point.

On the menu, a variety of pita wraps to choose from, including classics like Tuna, Smoked Meat and Veggie; and fun offerings like the Roast Beef Twister, La Piazza and The Athenian.

I decided to go with the Centrepointe Club (6.99$), on whole grain.

I ordered, it was made quickly, grilled perfectly and served immediately. For 2$ extra, I added a bag of Doritos and a can of Coke Zero.

This Centrepointe Club was made with a European trio of deli meats: Genova salami, capicollo and mortadella. It was garnished with mozzarella, topped with lettuce and tomato and finished with their special sauce.

It was a simple, but solid sandwich, as far as pita wraps go. The deli meat was of good quality. The mozzarella seemed industrial, but was fine. It didn’t melt much in the press, however.

The veggies were fresh. The lettuce, iceberg, was crisp. The special sauce had a little zing and sweetness to it, halfway between mayo and donair sauce. Not bad, but I think I would have preferred mayo better.

And, it being a Club, it could have used some bacon. But what doesn’t?

The Big Mac. That’s what.

But I digress.

For what it is, the Centrepointe Deli delivers.

Staff was processing customers quickly, and regulars knew what they were getting – and getting it.

While not packed, it had a regular flown of lunchers, eating in or out.

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