A free hammock for Father’s Day!

A free hammock!

So here is a Father’s Day Fiesta you may not want to miss, expecially if you have no idea what to get dad!

This week-end, Lone Star‘s Father’s Day Fiesta Pack, includes wood-fire grilled fajitas, all the fixings and ice-cold Corona (and limes!).

But, more interestingly, and more importantly, the Texas Grill will throw in a free hammock, Corona-branded of course. While supplies last!

What better to be reminded of the coronavirus than a Corona hammock?

Lone Star’s Father’s Day Fiestas are available for 2 ($64), 4 ($102), 6 ($159) and 10 ($237) people and are available for take-out only. And a FREE hammock, I tell ya!

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