A free hammock for Father’s Day!

A free hammock!

So here is a Father’s Day Fiesta you may not want to miss, expecially if you have no idea what to get dad! This week-end, Lone Star‘s Father’s Day Fiesta Pack, includes wood-fire grilled fajitas, all the fixings and ice-cold Corona (and limes!). But, more interestingly, and more importantly, the Texas Grill will throw in a free hammock, Corona-branded of course. While supplies last! What better to be reminded of the coronavirus than a Corona hammock? Lone Star’s Father’s Day Fiestas are available for 2 ($64), 4 ($102), 6 ($159) and 10 ($237) people and are available for take-out only. And a FREE hammock, I tell ya!

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Lone Shining Star

Ms. Waffle had a craving. She’d been talking about it for a few days now. Fajitas, she wanted. The urge was becoming too powerful to ignore, so we got ourselves a babysitter and we headed to Lone Star Texas Grill in the Byward market. We were welcomed by very cheerful staff, who even opened the door for us, which was nice. The place was busy, but not packed, which suited us just fine. We were seated by a table near the door, which was unfortunate – the staff was not opening the door just for us, they were doing it for everyone, letting in a cool breeze in the process. We ain’t that special. “Dixie”, in tight jeans and plaid shirt, brought us our menus and took our drink order quite promptly. Before even coming back with our drinks, she put down on the table a complimentary basket of freshly-fried…

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