Fries for Good

From May 8 to May 21, a portion of the proceeds from all McDonald’s fries sold will go to help support the Canadian Red Cross.

Money raised by Canadians as part of the Fries For Good initiative will go directly to the Canadian Red Cross, who will then divide the proceeds raised among various funds, including the Canadian Emergencies & COVID-19 Response Fund, the Nova Scotia Stronger Together Fund, and disaster response and preparedness work across Canada.

McDonald’s says that Fries for Good is an initiative that will also help Canadian potato farmers.

“Our agriculture partners have been hit hard by COVID-19, and we are continually looking for ways to support them as we navigate the new and unforeseen challenges of this pandemic,” said John Betts, President and CEO, McDonald’s Canada. “Canadian farmers are a driving force in our business and we hope Canadians’ love for our fries will allow us to not only make a significant donation to the Canadian Red Cross, but also reinforce our support for Canadian potato farmers while making a positive impact on their business.”

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