A chicken roosting in a Mondayne Cage

I’ve written about La Cage aux Sports before – I go there regularly. 

Yesterday, I needed a quick dinner between a curling game (we lost 8-3) and a soccer game (we lost 5-1). 

I figured that the best place to go between playing two sports was a place dedicated to sports, so here I was at the Hull location. Until March 15th at La Cage, it is the Mexicage Festival, so I was tempted to go down that route.  The Mexicage Burger looked especially interesting, and so did the pizza.  By experience, I wouldn’t recommend their ciabatta – way too much bread for it to be enjoyable.

Also be aware that their Mexican Fiesta and their Fajitas are available all year long, and that despite the Festival, the prices are the same as usual for these items.

At any rate, our lovely server Annie reminded me that, it being Monday, you could get their roasted chicken at half price.  So I ordered a breast.

The plate is not any different than most chicken rotisserie places. Chicken, fries, BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and a piece of bread.

The bread looks like half of a half submarine loaf. It is warm, but not toasted.  Nothing extraordinary, but good enough.  The coleslaw here is ordinary and not very flavourful.  The cabbage is crispy, which shows a certain freshness, but it is quickly forgotten. The BBQ sauce is pretty good.  It is of a nice consistency, the spice level is strongish, with a nice warm finish, and reminds me of old fashioned Montreal Rotisserie BBQ.  The fries are fine, and they generously fill the plate and then your palate.

La pièce de résistance, the chicken breast, was fairly decent.  It is a bit on the dry side of chicken breast, but it is an honest attempt to give chicken rotisserie lovers what they need for their money.

Shame on la Cage though, a large Coca-Cola goes for 3.99$, which is way overpriced by any standards.  Thankfully, CAA was there for me, once again.  I ended up with a 10.00$ bill, taxes and tip included, which I would argue was pretty cheap considering what I got.
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