Sunday Waffles

Feb 10, 2009

Scott had wanted to showcase his new Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker #WMK300A for some time.  He imported it directly from the US via and he was updating me as he was keeping an eye on its progress with the tracking number.

The Waring Pro WMK300A  features extra-deep pockets to produce the thickest Belgian Waffles available! There is a 180-degree rotary feature that ensures even baking on the top and bottom and a superb control knob lets you pick a shade of brown between light and dark!

There is even an audio Beep to indicate that the Waring Pro WMK300A is ready to bake, and another one when the waffle is finished baking! Marvelous. If you have hearing problems, there are also LED indicators in place to help making a perfect waffle. Every time.

The beast had to be tested.

A bunch of us were therefore invited to witness the miracle, and a miracle we witnessed.
He was really proud to host a brunch to warm our hearts in the heart if February with fresh, warm waffles.

First, he had to make sure we wouldn’t run out of meat.  He grilled a few sausages and fried some bacon.

Second, he had to provide some garnishes for the waffles.  Fresh berries were the pick of the day, a colourful selection was on hand.

Third, he had to pour his homemade waffle mix into the Waring Pro WMK300A.

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