Pit stop on the 401

Mar 8, 2009

On the way back from our World Baseball Classic road trip, we stopped at the A&W in Kingston for lunch.  I love A & W.  Frosty Mugs of Root Beer. Onions rings.  Quality Burgers.  Old-fashioned orange and brown look.
During our stop, I learned four things:
  1. They sometimes run out of Frosty Mugs. (Or forget they have them.)
  2. Their current promotion is 2 Mozza Burgers for 6$. (I happily enjoyed saving $2.40)  
  3. If you have an Ultimate Uncle, like the made-of-sirloin Uncle Burger, then you can win a trip to the Fairmont Banff Springs.  (You can also download a coupon!)
  4. Either the economic crisis is affecting the quality of service in every restaurant, or I am really unlucky. (It was so slow, the first of our party of four was done by the time the fourth one sat down to eat.)  


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