A poutine for Dick!

Apr 28, 2009

Dick ProctorSo tonight was the retirement party for outgoing New Democrat Federal Secretary Dick Proctor.  

A former MP from Saskatchewan, Proctor was also federal secretary in the late 80s and chief of staff to NDP Leader Jack Layton between 2004 and 2006,  Proctor came out of retirement after the last federal election to help out on an interim basis, which was much appreciated by many New Democrats.
But tonight was the night to say thank you and goodbye.  And what better way to say goodbye then by raising a fork filled with fries, cheese and gravy?  Well, apparently something better was some season tickets for the Victoria Salmon Kings.  But still.

The invite for the thank you party did mention that appetizers would be served.  Of course, at the Centretown Tavern, the list of appetizers is very limited.  Some were having the nachos, but they did not look great.  Wings, bruschetta and some deep fried stuff were also on the offering. But when asked what appetizers we wanted, Drew couldn’t help but call for a poutine.  People looked at him weirdly, but I helpfully suggested that with four forks, it would qualify as an appetizer and would be sharable. So Jen and Nathan bought the concept, and we ordered one.

I decided it would need to be chased down by a Mill Street Tankhouse Ale, which was on special this evening.  A bitter darkish copper-red ale, the Tankhouse won the 2008 gold medal for Best North American Style Pale Ale / Bitter at the Canadian Brewing Awards.  Hoppy, with a woodie aroma, the bitterness is under control and is present throughout.  Some sweetness is in there too, maybe chocolate? It is a beautiful brew and the flagship brand for Mill St.
After a few minutes of waiting, it finally arrived, a God send, surrounded by a miraculous halo.

Centretown Tavern's poutine - an artistic rendition by KD Photos Inc.

Centretown’s poutine is not a great poutine.  The fries are of the frozen variety.  The cheese is curds, and there was plenty in the dish, but not very fresh – no “squeek-squeek”.  The gravy? A chicken-based gravy, it was not very smooth, the texture greasy.  It was edible – especially for Drew it seems, who had most of it.  But this is not a poutine I would recommend to anyone looking for a good poutine.


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