The Art of Breakfast

Jun 4, 2009

Last day at our HQ in DC, the Omni Shoreham.  

And today, I got to enjoy Robert’s Restaurant‘s breakfast, featuring:The Art of Breakfast Buffet.

At $18.50, its not cheap.  But it is of a very good quality – everything is natural, meaning their meats have not been injected with anti-biotics or hormones, and they offer organic coffee and cage-free eggs.

You can also go A la carte, but why would you? The buffet includes cereal and toast sections, including bagels; fresh fruits, smoked salmon, cured meats, cheeses, oatmeal, waffles, and their hot breakfast section, which today included scrambled eggs (regular or with spinach), home fries, and an extensive selection of meat:  Thick-cut bacon, chicken maple sausages, breakfast sausages and home made corned beef hash.

Never afraid to go all out for you, dear Wafflers, I decided to sample every type of meat offered.

The bacon was indeed thick – and therefore, it was not overdone as is often the case in buffets.

It was not too salty either, a little crispy. Well done.

I’ve never been a big fan of corned beef – too salty.  And this corned hash was no exception, despite cutting the meat with some bread crumbs, it was still a very salty affair.  Just not what I like.

The breakfast sausages were awesome.  Thick, juicy, spicy, they were the highlight of the meat selection.  They were fairly dense too, but they were definitely not dry.

The chicken maple sausage came in the form of a sausage patty.  Unfortunate, as the taste wasn’t bad, but the texture would have been better had the meat been properly encased.  It was also a bit dry.

The potatoes were good – not deep fried, which is good – the red peppers gave them a nice touch, but I would have added more onions.  They could have been a touch crisper too, but still, they were a good side-dish.

As for the scrambled eggs, they were quite creamy and uniform – they must use liquid eggs.  So of course they are cage free eggs, it is really hard to keep liquids in a cage.  The ratio of spinach and tomatoes was just right, and with a bit of black pepper, it was a very honest performance

The restaurant’s entrance is at the bottom of some stairs opening directly into the lobby, which can get pretty noisy, but it wasn’t too bad, and I got to enjoy my breakfast with the USA Today as a companion.

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