I blame Canadian Press

Sep 19, 2009

Remember my pledge not to eat red meat for the month of September?

I was a last-minute addition at the Canadian Press annual golf tournament, a call-up if you will, to replace someone who was a late-scratch due to illness. 

I won’t talk to much about the performance of my team or the number of balls we lost on this beautiful day at the Mont Cascades golf course.  It was for a good cause, as the Tournament was a fundraiser for the Tom Hanson Photojournalism Award in memory of the late CP photographer.  You can give here.

The chef at the Mont Cascades golf course grilling the meat

The chef at the Mont Cascades golf course grilling the meat

However, unbeknownst to me, the meal during the award ceremony after the tournament was going to be grilled steak.  I realized this was going to be the case when they started to grill some thick pieces of meat on the patio, as we were all enjoying cold beverages as the sun was setting over the Gatineau river.  I knew I would be tempted hard, and was hoping for other options in order not to fall off the wagon. 

I looked carefully.  Oh, sure, there was a couple of salads, some steamed fall vegetables, some vegetarian pasta, potatoes…  But the last station at the buffet table was the grilled steaks, dripping with flavour.  I could not stop myself as I saw, horrified, my hand present my plate to the friendly meat-provider.  Damn Canadian Press! Forcing me to eat red meat against my will!!!

Shame, I thought.

UPDATE  – Sep. 20 @ 17:22 :  The wife found out, somehow.  Nothing to do with my guilty look as she was discussing my pledge with friends at a birthday party.  Not only was I stuck with the vegetarian lasagna at said party, she added 2 days of penalty to the month of September.  Off red meat until October 3rd.




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