Breakfast in Chlag

Oct 23, 2009

During a campaign, breakfast rallies are interesting events.  Some people are barely awake.  Everybody is sitting down.  Some are eating, most are sipping coffee.  And it was the case again at the Resto-Deli Jimmy on Hochelaga Boulevard in Montreal.  Jean-Claude Rochelau was hosting NDP Leader Jack Layton, ahead of the November 11th by-election.

Owner Jimmy Stefrimitos was on site, happy to see the NDP Leader visit his establishment.  The staff, who’ve seen weirder stuff, kept serving, squeezing by the tables, the chairs and the orange balloons.

I ordered the workers’ breakfast special:
2 eggs (scrambled), beans, home fries, french toast, pancake, sausage, bacon, ham for $5.  Quite a deal.

As far as greasy spoons go, this was half decent.  The french toast and the pancake were a bit soggy, the eggs a bit dry, the beans a bit boring.  But the meat was nicely cooked and crispy, and the home fries were warm, crisp on the outside and flaky inside.

I would go back to Jimmy if I was in the neighbourhood, and I bet it’s even better at lunch.  But it is unlikely I would make a major detour to stop there.

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