Talking of McDonald’s

Oct 27, 2009

Since I pointed out the US’ McFarthest point earlier, I think it is only appropriate to raise this.

McDonald's in Kópavogur, IcelandMcDonald’s has franchises in 119 countries in the world… but not for long.  In fact, McDonald’s is already writing off one country before it officially shuts down.

Because after Midnight this coming Saturday, Icelanders will no longer able to enjoy a Big Mac under Reykjavik’s Midnight Sun.

Iceland’s economy is in deep, deep trouble.  The low value of the Krona, tariffs on agricultural product imports and high commodity prices has brought the demise of the burger giant in Iceland.

A Big Mac is now sold for 650 Kronur in Iceland. (5,55 C$ at today’s exchange rate). Although it is the not the most expensive Big Mac in the world, the current owners of the franchise didn’t see any future in the chain.

And McDonald’s does not see any future in Iceland either, apparently:  “The unique operational complexity of doing business in Iceland combined with the very challenging economic climate in the country makes it financially prohibitive to continue the business.”

McDonald’s move comes 10 months after their main competitor, Burger King, shut down its operations in Iceland.

So what to do?  A Hamburger Today is recommending Hamborgara Búllan which boasts the Offer of the Century with a Burger, Fries and a Soda for 1190 Kronur!


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