A case for the Casa

Oct 28, 2009

I came down to Hochelaga today to help Jean-Claude Rocheleau‘s team to plan and execute the final stretch of the by-election campaign.

After a briefing on where things were at – and things are looking pretty good – I had a lunch meeting with the campaign director.  Location? Two steps from the HQ:

The New Casa de la Pizza.

And what is the specialty of the New Casa de la Pizza?  Why, Pizza!

The place was not very busy, and since it is fairly big, we had no trouble to pick a quiet corner. A tv was showing the highlights from yesterday’s hockey games. Before we started discussing further the strategy and the communication plan for the reminder of the campaign, we peered at the menu.  The campaign manager picked the classic pizza-ceasar combo. Me, I had no choice but to go with the Spéciale “New Casa” :  Tomato sauce, mushrooms, bacon, green peppers, pepperoni, onions, green olives and cheese.

I ordered a small. (11.75$ before tax and tip). It took about 15 minutes for the pie to came. Unfortunetaly, I was very distracted, as my phone kept ringing and my blackberry kept buzzing.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the pizza, it was loaded well, the bacon was crispy and the green olives weren’t salty. With a tad bit of tabasco, I had no problems to finish it.

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