Talking of McDonald’s (II)

Oct 29, 2009

Every year, McDonald’s comes back with its Monopoly contest.

And every year, I basically do not play.  But after a hard day’s work on Jean-Claude Rocheleau’s campaign and after dropping by my friend’s to catch the remainder of the hockey game, I knew this could be a special night.

I dropped by the McDonald’s location on Sherbrooke West, near the Big “O” and ordered a Big Mac Trio.

With my food, I got two game pieces.

The goal of McDonald’s Monopoly is to find a rare game piece that will give you the opportunity to  win big, and then to find the not-so-rare partner(s) of said rare piece. The complete rules are here.

Did I get lucky?

Well, kind of. My first pieces gave me instant prizes, along with properties.

I won a Small Barq’s Root Beer, value $1,39; beating the 1 in 36 odds; and I one a Small Fries, value $1,39, beating the 1 in 36 odds. Yay!

I obtained the Marvin Gardens, giving me 1/3 of what I need to win $25,000. Woo hoo! Well, not quite. Marvin Gardens is not a rare piece, and my odds of collecting the rare Ventnor Avenue to win one of the 8 prizes were 1 in 320 293 000. Tough.

My other property piece was even more exciting: Park Place. 1/2 of what I need to become a millionnaire. A MILLIONNAIRE!!! (Well, technically, I would need to wait another 19 years since they give only $50 000 a year for 20 years…) But I’m 50% there! Alas, once again, Park Place is not a rare piece, and my odds of collecting the super rare Boardwalk to win the one million dollars are 1 in 542 034 000. That’s a lot of Big Macs.

I’ll content myself with this one. For now.

I did enjoy it – they always taste better after midnight, when it’s quiet, and the employees have time to pour all the McLove they can into assembling McDonald’s Flagship Sandwich.  Fries can be old from time to time, but it wasn’t the case this time around.  So, I guess I did get lucky after all.


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