Pop the big question at New York Fries

I got an email from New York Fries, as I tend to get.

They wanted me to treat my Valentine to something that doesn’t rhyme with “plowers”.

Good, I thought, since I had no intention of buying her any towers this year. I simply cannot afford it.

So instead, New York Fries is suggesting that this Valentine’s Day, you POP THE BIG QUESTION!!!

So I did pop the question, ahead of Valentine’s Day in fact – because I love her sooooo much.

I was nervous. What if she says no?

“Will you eat a hot dog and fries with me?” I asked.

“Ooooh yes!” she answered gleefully.

So we made our way to a convenient New York Fries location. I suppose we could have tried any of the 200ish locations in Canada. Or tried to find them in South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain or Hong Kong. Or even their new restaurants in Iraq, Kuwait, China or Macau. But the spot at the Galleries de Hull‘s food court seemed best.

There was no line-up as we showed up after the lunch rush. The attendant on duty was switching the keyboard of her computer, which seemed off. Yet, in no time, we were able to order a Hot Dog, Small Fries & Drink Combo and we got the Second Combo free!

According to the bill, that amounted to a savings of $8.53 – and the bill, after taxes, was only $9.06 – for two hot dogs, two small fries and two regular drinks. Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s a pretty good deal, considering that the New Yorker (2 hot dogs, 2 drinks and a large fries) goes for $12.79.

We garnished our dogs – Mrs. Waffle went first, starting with mustard, tomatoes pickles, hot peppers and ketchup .

I went with mustard, relish, tomatoes, onions, sauerkraut, green olives, pickles and hot peppers.

You got to give it to New York Fries, their complimentary condiments are diverse, and also include different types of vinegars, spices and hot sauces. Though they often seem to run out of cup holders for said condiments.

True Love at New York Fries

The two franks were fairly big. Made of chicken and beef, they are slowly cooked on a slanted roller grill directly at the counter. When a hot dog is ordered, they simply take a frank, insert in the bun and then place the hot dog in the steam box for a little sauna session.

In my opinion, the bath could have lasted longer. NYF’s buns are large ones, and they could have sustained a little more steamy heat – instead it felt like the buns, if warmish, hadn’t been steamed at all. But they were fresh, so there was that. The franks were plump, juicy, salty. Enjoyable, and since the dogs were garnished by ourselves, we couldn’t complain about that, could we?

The fries are cooked in 100% sunflower oil when orderd. NYF uses Russet Burbank potatoes. Before filling our cups, the attendant asked us if we wanted salt – good move, ask before, salt after. The fries were hot and crispy on the outside, and fluffy inside. Very good – I enjoyed mine with ketchup seasoned with Cajun spices, Mrs. Waffle with Malt vinegar.

I’m glad I popped the question.
I’m glad she say yes.

True love.

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