Subway appreciates you

SubwayDealSubway cares, and they want you to know they do. Which is why you must have seen their TV ad during the month of January, letting you know that January was Subway’s Customer Appreciation Month.


For the month of January, the biggest restaurant chain in the world (38 825 restaurants in 99 Countries, including 2890 in Canada) is offering their 6-inch Egg Salad or their Ham Subs at $3 each to its Canadian customers.

Sweet, huh?

Angela Hayes of FoodBeat believes it’s “an amazing deal for customers looking to save a little cash after the holiday rush.

Really? The Waffle decided to investigate.

First, one needs to know that Subway’s Customer Appreciation Month in the US was in December, and that in December you could get a sub for 2 US dollars. This corner hasn’t checked the current value of our dollars against the American currency, but it seems that a 33% difference is a bit much.

Nevertheless, I made my way to the Subway location on Sparks Street.

First, figuring out the offer once in the store is hard to do. No special sign outside, no special sign inside. Where, oh where should we feel appreciated?

I finally noticed the “deal” on their menu board. It’s like Subway doesn’t actually mean it…

A very small, tiny sticker had been applied beside their Egg Salad and their Ham sandwich, which are listed in their “Classic” section. Interesting, because the Egg Salad sandwich was first offered a little over a year ago… It is so new, in fact, that it is not even included in Subway’s ingredient chart.

So what kind of a deal is it? 50 cents. That’s it. Subway appreciation values you at 50 cents. Further, getting two 6-inch would put you behind by 75 cents over a footlong.

So, ya. Not that amazing, is it?
I went ahead anyway.

I had never tried their Egg Salad, (I didn’t even know they had Egg Salad), so I  ordered a 6-incher  on their Honey Oat bread – which is the heaviest (89g), has the most calories (260), carbs (48g) sugars (9g) and fat (3g) of all their breads. On the upside, it has the most fiber (5g) too.

To complement it – cheddar, tomatoes, green peppers, lettuce and black pepper. And a touch of hot sauce.

Before digging into it, I decided to look into the latest measurement controversy – as customers have started complaining that their footlong subs were only 11 inches. But nobody seems to complain about the 6-incher.

So I measured, using a very precise and modern office tool called the paper cutting board.

As you can see, my sandwich was a little over 6 inches and therefore, I didn’t feel short changed by Subway.

The sub itself? The veggies were fresh, the peppers had a good crunch to them. The egg salad was creamy, very smooth, very silky. There were a few chunks of white visible, but you couldn’t really feel them. I thought the salad was a little sweet.

Probably not something I would order again. But if you like very creamy egg salad, go for it and judge for yourself!

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