The Waffle Shall Rise Again (II)

Yesterday, my friends and colleagues and old timers from the NDP celebrated the end of my political career.   They cheered and they applauded and they laughed and they chanted.  A few even danced, I am sure of it.

I didn’t realize so many people would be so happy to see me leave! Out of spite, I almost changed my mind.

After 19 years, it was time to turn the page.

But not every page needs to be turned for good.

Indeed, as a departing gift, I was presented with a new website.
The Waffle is back.  It shall be known from now on as

Thanks to fellow New Democrats, the resurrection of The Waffle was possible.

A special thanks to Tara, Ed, Cedric and Reg who have worked on this project.

For their kindness towards The Waffle and the Human race, I, by the powers that I granted myself by creating this blog in 2008, thereby elevate them to the rank of Grand Orange Knight of the Waffle Preservation Society.

As such, they will be able to contribute to The Waffle if they so choose and share with the Whole World Wide Web their own experiences with diners, drive-ins and dives; with five-star establishments and fast food joints; with home cooking successes or failures.

The Waffler Nation is forever grateful.


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