Ronald’s All Day Breakfast is here

Apparently, we’ve all been waiting for it.

And today, McDonald’s is rolling out all-day breakfast to around 75% of its Canadian restaurants across the country.

This means that at 11:01 am, you’ll be able to get some Hotcakes, McMuffins, Biscuits, McGriddles and Hash Browns, despite your tardiness.

In this corner, we do not understand why anyone would want breakfast when lunch time has obviously arrived.  But apparently, after 50 years in Canada, McDonald’s now believes breakfast time should be on our time.

McDonald’s began selling all-day breakfast in the United States back in 2015 and it has been a huge success for the Golden Arches. A pilot project in 17 restaurants showed it would be the case in Canada, too.

Here is a map of the participating locations in Ottawa.

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