Yet another hurdle for The Waffle

After last year’s demise of and the following ordeal, The Waffle has just learned that most of the blog’s photos would no longer be available, thanks to a change of policy by Photobucket.

First, they announced on June 26th that they had updated their Terms of Service, effective on June 20, 2017.

Then they implemented the new policy and ask users to review the latest changes.

They finally issued a press release to explain themselves.

Too late. Suddenly, a free service was no longer available and you were asked to pony up 400 bucks to get it back. The accusations of ransomware and blackmail were coming fast and furious. And yes, I know too well the danger of relying on free services.

Upset users are leaving Photobucket in droves. For the photo hosting service, it is a debacle turned into a complete disaster.

For The Waffle, it means more work. Not all the original posts have been restored yet, and now we have to fix the ones that had been restored. It’ll take the Waffler nation some more patience before being able to enjoy The Waffle in its full glory.



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