Cinco de Mayo is coming

The Waffle Jr. and Mini-Waffle have been talking about Cinco de Mayo for weeks now. Weeks! They even went to recover a couple of piñatas from the basement. They want a fiesta!

So I got excited when I received this offer from Mucho Burrito:

For $26.95, you get 2 kids and 2 regular burritos for Cinco de Mayo! For $3 dollars more, you can get small burritos instead of the kids size. You also can add chips and salsa for an extra $9.

Considering that a kids burrito goes for $6.95, a small one for $8.95, and a regular one goes for $9.95, you’ll save up to $7.85 with this family pack!

You are alone? You can get Burrito Boxed Lunch (regular burrito, chips, salsa, canned drink and a cookie) for $12.95, a saving of $4.25!

Alas for me, the closest Mucho Burrito is on the other side of the Ottawa river – which is currently closed to non-essential travels. On the Quebec side, the closest is in Montreal, so that won’t be happening either.

I’ll come up with another plan.

But you can enjoy this sweet deal if you have a Mucho Burrito available now for pick-up or delivery.

IKEA meatballs right at home!

I guess some good can come out of a pandemic.

If you like to shop at IKEA and plan your shopping spree in order to have to get lunch there so you can enjoy their iconic meatballs at their restaurant, IKEA has got your back.

No, you cannot order their KÖTTBULLAR meatballs online. They are sold frozen, so that might not be the best idea.

IKEA sells more than 1 billion of their meatballs every year. They know people are missing them. So IKEA has released a homestyle version of their iconic recipe, as a classic instruction manual.
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R Easter Turkey

Opened in the spring of 1976, under the ownership of famous hockey coach Brian Kilrea, (later joined by Nick Bouris), the Chances R is located in College Square in Ottawa. It offers a casual dining atmosphere and has that family operation to it. Kilrea still greets customers despite his age, and the Waffle has had the pleasure to exchange with him a few times.

Chances R closed theirs doors on March 16th but had decided to reopen for Easter. Not the dining room, of course, but if you’d like to treat yourself to a turkey dinner, Chances R will be there for you!

Details below.
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Introducing Chez Poilu

Over the last few months, my friend Jeff has been making a lot of different cocktails and posting the results on his Facebook page, making us drooling with admiration.

He has especially active since the beginning of the covid-19 crisis and the implementation of the public health emergency measures.

So by popular request, he has put all the recipes and photos in one place.  So far, there are 47 wonderful concoctions for you to check out, including the Quarantini, the Unicorn Tears, the Correct Cocktail, the Release the Kraken and many more.

Introducing Chez Poilu Cocktails: