Kelsey’s 2020 Burger Battle

Kelsey’s is back with its famous Burger Battle, featuring creations from four of its Original Roadhouse locations across Canada.

There are four contenders this year: The Chip and Dip Burger, the Double Stacked Philly Burger, the Truck Stop Burger and the Mushroom Melter.

Kelsey’s 2020 Burger Battle
Kelsey’s Burger Battle 2020 contestants

You can vote for your favourite burger and win burgers for a year!
I haven’t tried any of them, and I am not sure when I’ll be able to eat a burger at a restaurant again with the measures currently in place, but here are the contenders with my analysis of each concept:

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A free hammock for Father’s Day!

So here is a Father’s Day Fiesta you may not want to miss, expecially if you have no idea what to get dad!

This week-end, Lone Star‘s Father’s Day Fiesta Pack, includes wood-fire grilled fajitas, all the fixings and ice-cold Corona (and limes!).

But, more interestingly, and more importantly, the Texas Grill will throw in a free hammock, Corona-branded of course. While supplies last!

What better to be reminded of the coronavirus than a Corona hammock?

Lone Star’s Father’s Day Fiestas are available for 2 ($64), 4 ($102), 6 ($159) and 10 ($237) people and are available for take-out only. And a FREE hammock, I tell ya!

Fries for Good

From May 8 to May 21, a portion of the proceeds from all McDonald’s fries sold will go to help support the Canadian Red Cross.

Money raised by Canadians as part of the Fries For Good initiative will go directly to the Canadian Red Cross, who will then divide the proceeds raised among various funds, including the Canadian Emergencies & COVID-19 Response Fund, the Nova Scotia Stronger Together Fund, and disaster response and preparedness work across Canada.

McDonald’s says that Fries for Good is an initiative that will also help Canadian potato farmers.

“Our agriculture partners have been hit hard by COVID-19, and we are continually looking for ways to support them as we navigate the new and unforeseen challenges of this pandemic,” said John Betts, President and CEO, McDonald’s Canada. “Canadian farmers are a driving force in our business and we hope Canadians’ love for our fries will allow us to not only make a significant donation to the Canadian Red Cross, but also reinforce our support for Canadian potato farmers while making a positive impact on their business.”

Cinco de Mayo is coming

The Waffle Jr. and Mini-Waffle have been talking about Cinco de Mayo for weeks now. Weeks! They even went to recover a couple of piñatas from the basement. They want a fiesta!

So I got excited when I received this offer from Mucho Burrito:

Cinco de Mayo is coming

For $26.95, you get 2 kids and 2 regular burritos for Cinco de Mayo! For $3 dollars more, you can get small burritos instead of the kids size. You also can add chips and salsa for an extra $9.

Considering that a kids burrito goes for $6.95, a small one for $8.95, and a regular one goes for $9.95, you’ll save up to $7.85 with this family pack!

You are alone? You can get Burrito Boxed Lunch (regular burrito, chips, salsa, canned drink and a cookie) for $12.95, a saving of $4.25!

Alas for me, the closest Mucho Burrito is on the other side of the Ottawa river – which is currently closed to non-essential travels. On the Quebec side, the closest is in Montreal, so that won’t be happening either.

I’ll come up with another plan.

But you can enjoy this sweet deal if you have a Mucho Burrito available now for pick-up or delivery.

IKEA meatballs right at home!

I guess some good can come out of a pandemic.

If you like to shop at IKEA and plan your shopping spree in order to have to get lunch there so you can enjoy their iconic meatballs at their restaurant, IKEA has got your back.

No, you cannot order their KÖTTBULLAR meatballs online. They are sold frozen, so that might not be the best idea.

IKEA sells more than 1 billion of their meatballs every year. They know people are missing them. So IKEA has released a homestyle version of their iconic recipe, as a classic instruction manual.
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